Senior Moving Services


It’s a Cinch Moving, Inc. is a moving and relocation company designed specifically for seniors. We are a company of compassionate individuals who assist seniors and their families in making important decisions in downsizing from lifelong homes to smaller, safer and more practical residences. We also offer our services to baby boomers when they decide to downsize their home to a smaller home that more meets their needs.

Our mission is to work with seniors and their families to remove the stress associated with packing and relocation. This process is physically, mentally, and emotionally demanding no matter what your age. But for seniors and even adult children, this process is even more stressful. Our goal is to provide all the necessary support to make this transition as easy, fluid and as stress free as possible.

Whether it’s moving a senior to a senior community or to move to another home, this is where It’s a Cinch Moving Inc. comes in. We develop an overall moving plan, coordinate a time line, determine what fits in the new home, pack and move, and provide total setup of new home. Our moving services include unpacking, assembling the new home completing from putting up clothes, setting up the kitchen, hanging pictures, setting up electronics, and removing the moving debris. We work to make it as stress less as possible for our clients.

  • We arrange for the profitable disposal of unwanted items through auction, estate sales, consignment donation or a combination.
  • We provide related services, such as deep cleaning, waste removal, shopping, assisting with the selection of a realtor, and help prepare the home for sale.
  • With sensitivity and care, our team assists in de-cluttering homes with extreme cases of hoarding.

It’s a Cinch, Inc. has significant expertise in resources and approaches that save money, reduce stress, and produce great results. Our services are client based and personalized to meet your needs and preferences. Families should never doubt the power of an outside expert.

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What Do Our Customers Say About Us?

Know them. Love them. Great service and personnel.

Germaine St Laurent Leahan
via Facebook

They were a true Godsend. They told me what my options were, I decided what services I wanted, which included packing up my home for the move, setting up, and handling the estate sale.

Susan L.
Destin, FL.

The move was a dream and you all at It's a Cinch Moving made it all possible.

Richard and Ann M.
Destin, FL.