Declutter & Hoarding

At It’s a Cinch Moving, we not only focus on the emotional and physical aspects of relocation, we also focus on the same aspects that come with that of accumulating years worth of possessions. Many individuals, especially senior citizens over the years, can develop a hoarding nature. While it may seem harmless at first glance, hoarding is labeled as a mental disorder characterized by the inability to get rid of items in one’s home. Not only does extreme clutter increase the risk of physical injury, but it also influences one’s emotional state, including depression, energy level or mental satisfaction.

Extreme clutter can result in beds that cannot be slept in, kitchens that cannot be used, common living areas to be covered in items. With this in mind, our team specializes in decluttering and hoarding, of both small and large cases all with the sense of sensitivity and professionalism that you can expect to always receive at It’s a Cinch.

Items hoarders may hold onto include: junk mail, old news publications, broken items or trash, clothes that do not fit or are worn out, and much more. Piles and stacks of any of these items can make traversing within living environments hazardous. If you need assistance in decluttering, our team is here to help you. Give us a call today to get started on taking back your house and making it a home, again.

Before and After Hoarding Photos