From Out of State

New home setups which includes receiving belongings from out of the area.

Trained crews will unpack your belongings, paying careful attention to every detail.

If pictures are available from the home you’re leaving, this is incredibly helpful with the unpacking process. Pictures help provide furniture placement, even when the move is to a smaller space. These pictures will help our team with placing décor and pictures and can make the new place feel like home a little quicker due to the familiarity of how and where certain items are placed. We typically unpack one room at a time. For most unpacking jobs, setting up the kitchen and bedrooms come first. This insures that if too many belongings have been delivered, we can set priorities on what goes to storage. Putting the bed together, making the bed, organizing the closets and drawers, and placing pictures and décor assist with determining the layout of the apartment. It is crucial that the new home setup takes into effect easy mobility for the new resident.