Interior Decorating for Your Small Space

Have you recently downsized from a larger home to a smaller apartment or retirement community? Designing for a smaller space without it feeling cramped or cluttered can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s a Cinch specializes in helping seniors and their families downsize, by packing, moving and unpacking all belongings to allow for an easier transition.

Small Space Design Tips

A few tips for making your new home feel larger:
  • Use a round table to increase the room for chairs and allow for a walkway around the dining room. By using a pedestal table, it will allow for additional leg room.
  • Add mirrors on walls across from windows to give the room a more spacious feel and increase the natural light.
  • Use ottomans with lids to allow for storage for holiday decorating items.
  • Floating shelving units are perfect for a few books, family photos or small planters.

“The move was a dream and you all at It’s a Cinch Moving made it all possible. […] Just to come into our new home and be able to take a shower and go to bed with all of our things put away, boxes and paper gone, was a true dream. […] We love our new home and you have been such a blessing to us as I know you will be to so many others.” – Richard and Ann M.

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