Storage Tips

Spring cleaning is almost in full affect and you might be wondering how to store items more efficiently. Here’s a small list that might help you get started:

  • Instead of cardboard boxes, use plastic containers so you can see the items inside.
  • Label boxes or containers on all sides and the top; or print a list of all items and tape it on the outside of the box.
  • Pads, sheets and blankets are a great way to protect fragile items.
  • Boxes should be stored with the heavier boxes and items on the bottom.
  • To save space, take apart items like your table, bed frame or bookcases.
  • When storage appliances such as a microwave or a refrigerator, leave the doors slightly open to avoid mildew.
  • Instead of folding clothing items, use wardrobe boxes so items can remain hanging.
  • Create a master list of all the items you are storing.


Jim & Carolyn Testimonial

Jim & Carolyn have provided It’s a Cinch with a testimonial on our services. Thank you, Jim and Carolyn.

We were so fortunate to have enlisted the services of It’s a Cinch Moving. Jo and Vicki are very professional with a warm and personal flare. Every decision they made was in our best interest. We highly recommend their services.

– Jim & Carolyn M.

Testimonial from Marcia N.

Thank you Marcia N. for this review on It’s a Cinch’s Tallahassee moving services!

I wanted to thank you for doing such a fantastic job with Mom’s move. The best part was no stress for her (or me!). She is very happy there and especially happy with the way you arranged and decorated her room. And the closet! Perfect!

I wish we had known about your services years ago – I’ll definitely recommend you to my friends (many of them with family in assisted living).

Thank you again – if this was a school project I would give you an A+!

All the best ,
Marcia N.

Tallahassee Moving Testimonial

Thank you, Matt for the testimonial on our Tallahassee moving services!

I simply must share my exceptional experience with your company; I could not be more thrilled with the results! Stacey Crawford is a saint! All of the ladies (Stacey, Vilma, Anna, and Sandra) worked so diligently and thoughtfully along every step of the way. Three months later, my mom is still bragging about how wonderfully her apartment was setup and designed by your team. This whole ordeal has been stressful, particularly because it was an unplanned emergency and I was trying to do so much remotely; and It’s A Cinch Moving was an incredible stress reliever and breath of fresh air amidst the chaos.

I truly appreciate all that your team did to make my mother’s transition to assisted living as comfortable and familiar as possible. Please let me know if you’d like any additional feedback or if any of your prospective clients require an endorsement from me.


Upcoming Holiday Estate Sale

Here are a few items for the upcoming estate sale is December in Fort Walton Beach. Check back soon for the date of the estate sale! This estate sale has been completed.

Tom R. – Client Testimonial

Anybody who asks should know that your business group consists of true professionals. Your dedicated staff were fast, efficient, respectful and confident in their performance. They always put the clients desires and needs first, and never complained when confronted with any problems. Your staff made every effort to make my estate sale and transition to my new residence as painless as possible. When requested to perform personal services to aid and assist me to downsize my estate, they responded with compassion and never complained despite my recent disabilities. I would highly recommend you, any member of your staff, and your business group to anyone who requires assistance with moving personal property and the special personal services that complement such a move. Thank you for your kindness and understanding through this most difficult moving experience. – Tom R.

Upcoming Estate Sale – Bluewater Bay

Join us after Thanksgiving for a three-day estate sale in Bluewater Bay. There will be furniture, with notes from the owner detailing when and where an item was purchased. There will be plenty of smaller furniture items perfect for any home.

Some items available are:

Interior Decorating for Your Small Space

Have you recently downsized from a larger home to a smaller apartment or retirement community? Designing for a smaller space without it feeling cramped or cluttered can sometimes be overwhelming. It’s a Cinch specializes in helping seniors and their families downsize, by packing, moving and unpacking all belongings to allow for an easier transition.

Small Space Design Tips

A few tips for making your new home feel larger:
  • Use a round table to increase the room for chairs and allow for a walkway around the dining room. By using a pedestal table, it will allow for additional leg room.
  • Add mirrors on walls across from windows to give the room a more spacious feel and increase the natural light.
  • Use ottomans with lids to allow for storage for holiday decorating items.
  • Floating shelving units are perfect for a few books, family photos or small planters.

“The move was a dream and you all at It’s a Cinch Moving made it all possible. […] Just to come into our new home and be able to take a shower and go to bed with all of our things put away, boxes and paper gone, was a true dream. […] We love our new home and you have been such a blessing to us as I know you will be to so many others.” – Richard and Ann M.

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