Why It’s a Cinch, Inc?

Why should you choose It’s a Cinch, Inc for your senior relocation services?

The numbers tell the story:

  • U.S. population aged 65 and over will grow by 80% between 2010-2030. That’s over 79 million people or 1/5th of the total population.
  • Americans 85 and above comprise the fastest growing segment of the US population.
  • Many families are geographically dispersed and unable to help with the moving process due to distance, career or family obligations.
  • Many seniors have no surviving children, or more often, their children are older adults themselves.
  • Older adults making this transition have usually not moved in 30 or 40 years and need to downsize sooner than later.
  • The organizational and physical tasks associated with planning and implementing such a complex move can be overwhelming for the entire family.

These scenarios are common and ones our company sees frequently. However, there are times when the senior “sees the handwriting on the wall.” They haven’t fallen and broken a hip, but the need to make a change is looming. There hasn’t been an illness or death which leaves the family emotionally and physically drained. Clients that are not in a reactionary mode can better assist in their move. It’s not a family member making the decisions about your possessions, but it is you. That is why you need the trusted staff at It’s a Cinch, Inc. to assist you in all of your senior relocation services.

It’s a Cinch, Inc. is bonded and insured. We use highly qualified team of movers. They have proven to be sensitive to short time lines and can move to and from our area from nearly any location.

We are different from a typical moving company.

We provide a multi-faceted approach to the move process. From space planning in the beginning to post move support and advocacy. With gentle and expert guidance, seniors and their families make the key decisions without the emotional and physical distress that can follow. As a result, our clients avoid the costly mistakes and remorse that often accompany such major lifestyle transitions.

We do more than simply sort, settle, pack and un-pack boxes. It’s a Cinch, Inc. takes the worry and work out of this move with loads of energy, enthusiasm and experience.

  • It’s a Cinch, Inc. has moved people within our immediate area as well as out of the area to Tallahassee, Texas and New Hampshire.
  • We minimize the chaos and stress by addressing all aspects of the move process. We are responsible for creating and executing an action plan, customized to your needs.
  • Families will need assistance to fulfill their responsibilities and manage the emotional stress related to eldercare. It’s a Cinch, Inc. helps with the housing needs and services required by seniors.
  • Our initial consultation and site visit are offered at no charge.
  • I appreciate the opportunity to meet with you and introduce our company to you. Thank you for your time and are there any questions?